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The radio has been an advertising medium in the United States since the early 1920s, when it was an exhilarating new technology that fascinated the nation’s audience. Since that time, many powerful new forms of media have come into being, including broadcast television, cable television, the Internet, and mobile telephony. Radio has lost some its luster with advertisers as an advanced, attention-getting medium.

But radio still commands huge listening audiences today, and the medium offers many advantages when used correctly. A savvy advertising agency will always be ready to put radio into the mix when the situation calls for it.

Advantages of Radio Advertising

Radio no longer gets the same attention in part because it has faded into the background of everyday life. Yet this is also a key advantage. Millions of Americans listen to the radio in their cars or workplaces every day, providing a large, automatic audience for every ad. Unlike television or the web, users tend not to switch the channel or click away when they encounter an ad on the radio. Advertisements on the radio will be heard, and an ad that is entertaining or useful is very likely to hold a listener’s attention.

Radio Advertising for Small Businesses

Another advantage of broadcast radio advertising is that it tends to be local and, in comparison to television, inexpensive. This makes it a great medium for small businesses with a limited marketing budget who want to be sure of reaching their target audience. If your advertising agency can help you develop a catchy campaign that makes listeners’ ears perk up, your brand name will soon be cemented in minds all over town.

Getting Your Message on the Radio

Your advertising agency can help you identify your target market and buy appropriate airtime. Despite its age and competitors, radio is still a thriving medium, and it offers many advantages to a local business looking to boost awareness of its brand.


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